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Hi Kelly! I was literally just about to text you! How nice of you to remember. I actually had the baby on Wednesday morning at 1:30am. It’s a boy!  It was a relatively smooth delivery. I wanted to tell you that my OB complemented me on my “pushing”, she was very impressed given I’m a first time mom. She asked if I worked out and I told her about my work with you. She said she always tells patients about the benefits of working out during your pregnancy and I am a testament to that. Thank you Kelly for the work you’re doing at Belly. I am so happy I found out about you. I look forward to seeing you soon!

From: Chandra A.


“Hi Kelly, just wanted to let you know that I won’t be at
third trimester
class tomorrow. Maggie Grace arrived on Saturday an
hour and a half after we got to the hospital. Must have been the Pilates (Thursday Night)! I’ll be in touch about postnatal classes!

S. D., Mother of 1
I am very grateful I found Kelly at Belly Pilates. Before I had my first baby, I was in great shape, probably the best in my life. After she was born, I lost the weight fairly quickly, but never really felt strong. When I got pregnant with my second child, I really wasn’t exercising and didn’t feel as well. Now getting back into shape a few months after his birth has felt a million times harder, next to impossible. I really felt like I just might never feel strong and healthy again.
Kelly introduced me to the condition of diastisis and has really gotten me focused on the rehabilitation I need to do after this second pregnancy. I wish I found her sooner! When I came to her, I just felt out of whack and she has taught me that there is good reason for that and that there are ways to fix it.

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She is knowledgeable and sensitive to a mother’s circumstances. I knew that I couldn’t just jump into my old exercise routines, but I didn’t know what I should or even could be doing. She is exactly the , 1st time motherright person to help me get my body back to neutral after pregnancy and childbirth and guide me back to strength.

 I am always amazed at how perceptive she is during class about how my body might be feeling and why. Most of the time that is because I am doing it wrong (!) and she is so observant she corrects it and gets me back on track. I really feel now that there is hope I might get back to feeling strong and healthy again as she helps me train my body (not to mention that I might flatten the old belly, too). Honestly, I only wish I came to her sooner.
ME. O’D., mother of 2


Evan [my son] weighed in at 8lbs 11oz and 21 inches and I swear that it was the Pilates classes that helped me avoid a c-section with this big boy!

K.K, 1st time mother

Kelly is amazing. I began working with her during my second pregnancy. She was supportive and encouraging throughout the pregnancy, provided me with the best pre-natal and post-natal pilates instruction, and main line pregnancyreferred to me a network of resources (doula, acupuncturist, chiropractor, and masseuse) that helped to ensure the delivery I wanted. Now she is helping me to get my body back into shape. She is extremely knowledgeable and so easy to like.  I recommend her to anyone interested in pilates and keeping in good shape during and after pregnancy.  J. B., mother of 2


I have been practicing Pilates for years. So, when I became pregnant with my first child I just continued with Pilates at my regular studio until they told me that I couldn’t practice there anymore.  After I was 4 months pregnant, I stopped Pilates:(

When I became pregnant with my second child, I was given the gift of maternity Pilates classes at Belly Pilates, which allowed me to continue exercising throughout my entire pregnancy. I was welcomed to class by Kelly, the owner. She provided me with a body assessment in which she immediately told me things that I never knew about my body, but made complete sense.  It was like she was psychic!  

I started maternity mat and reformer classes when I was 4 months pregnant until the very end of my pregnancy.  Kelly tailored each class to my body’s needs.  She provided me with education about my pregnancy and tips for delivery each step of the way.  When I went into labor, I used my Pilates ball as Kelly suggested and I couldn’t believe how the ball eased my labor pains.

Even better, when I got to the hospital my delivery wasPhiladelphia Safe Pregnancy Exercise and Fitness Classes SO much easier than what I experienced with my first child.  I only had to push 3 times and my daughter arrived!  I am convinced that my easy delivery is attributed to doing the maternity Pilates classes throughout my entire pregnancy.  I used all the tips and advice that Kelly gave me and am so grateful for the care, concern and knowledge that she provided!  Thanks Kelly and Belly Pilates!  I can’t wait to come back for my postpartum classes.

V. M., mother of 2 

I have been training with Kelly for almost a year. I had a 5 year postpartum belly and a bad back which did not respond any longer to my regular gym routine. I realized that my body needed a different approach. I took a few small group Pilates classes

and loved the concept of core training. I’ve come to understand that proper body mechanics and good posture are essential to achieving my goals and asked Kelly to teach me privately twice a week. The result exceeded my expectations quickly: my belly is firm, back pain is gone, my whole body sings! I find Kelly’s professionalism and expertise  profound.

J. S., mother of 2

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I was a complete Pilates beginner when I went to work with Kelly. I wanted to try Pilates for years, but excuses kept getting in the way. When my daughter was already three and a half years old, a friend told me about postpartum pilates at Belly Pilates and recommended to give it a try. So I joined a combined private and mat class. I knew that I could not follow Kelly’s instructions to the letter, not even close, but I tried and, what is more important, she let me go at my pace.

I continued to have private sessions since then and now 2 years later I consider Pilates a gift to my body. However, it does come with some strings attached. It is hard work that takes concentration, practice, and persistence. But it is all worth the work: I have found myself becoming stronger, more flexible, and more aware of my body. I got rid of the muscle imbalance that came with being a mom and I even have better posture and much better alignment than before getting pregnant. I almost laugh when I look back to those first month of trying only to stay on the mat. 

Whether Kelly was teaching me the fundamentals of Pilates, guiding me through breathing, or helping me improve my posture and alignment, she was very personable, and I could tell that she was truly interested in helping me feel my best. I have come to appreciate Kelly’s kindness and professionalism. Even after four years she does not stop guiding, prodding and urging me to do more, to reach higher, to breathe deeper, all the while performing each exercise perfectly, exhibiting strength and grace. But also Kelly’s style of teaching is laidback and fun. I recommend her highly.”

Y. E., mother of 1

I have really loved working with Kelly.  I did some pilates with her when I was pregnant with my 2nd baby, and her technique was different than everything I had seen, and it made sense.  Kelly’s understanding and knowledge of women’s bodies is immense, and she always has great illustrations and ways to help you understand your body as well.  I always feel more aware of my body after meeting with her.   After my son was born, I had some stress incontinence issues.  I was doing tons of kegals, but nothing seemed to help.  

After talking with her about my symptoms, Kelly Philadelphia and Main Line  Pregnancy, New Mom and Postpartum Classesrecommended a pelvic floor therapist for me to see, (I had never heard of one before).  Together, she was able to work with my pelvic floor therapist and me, to get me as strong and healthy as possible.  Kelly’s passion for women’s health has led her to be connected with many health practitioners, just ask her!  I am so happy I have found Kelly, there are so few legitimate pre/post natal pilates instructors around, I only wished she lived closer!

J.A, mother of 2

I began working with Kelly McBride when I was 5 months pregnant. I wanted to make sure that whatever exercise I took part in was safe, for both my baby and myself. Kelly was great. She tailored each of our sessions to my unique needs taking into account where I was in my pregnancy and how I was feeling. She also taught me a lot about how
pregnancy was affecting my body.

We practiced Pilates to help me physically prepare for childbirth. While I had been planning on attempting a natural childbirth, I ended up having an emergency c-section. My recovery was remarkably smooth and easy – I attribute much of this to the work I did with Kelly. Since having my daughter, Kelly has again tailored our workouts to my changing needs and continues to educate me on the way that just being a mom affects my body (for example, nursing, carrying my daughter, etc). Overall, Kelly is a really upbeat, kind-hearted, knowledgeable teacher who is passionate about Pilates and her clients. I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future!

J.M., mother of 1 

I am a pelvic floor physical therapist and work with Classes are small and intimate so that you receive individual attention.many of our mommies conflicted with hip and pelvic pain. I had the great fortune of meeting Kelly when we were both working on a client together.  
That was six years ago and I am still fascinated by Kelly’s enthusiastic and devotion both as a teacher and an educator to our pre and post-natal community.  She is passionate about her cause and cares so much for her clients.  Belly Pilates and Kelly has not only helped many of my clients restore and get their bodies back into shape but also educate them about many their bodies and babies.  Kelly is such an advocate of our local community practices and is a great resource.  I highly recommend Belly Pilates to anyone needed to help prepare or jump them back into shape!

Hina Sheth
Orthopedic and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist
Owner of Rebalance Physical Therapy
As a soon to be mother (5 days late now!!), I truly have Kelly and her Belly Pilates to thank for keeping me in the optimal best shape possible during the entire 9 months.
As a seasoned athlete prior to pregnancy, I was worried how something as simple as pilates could maintain what muscle and shape I was in. Boy was I shocked at how much, it not only helped to maintain what I had, but gave me a new outlook on muscles I had never used before!! Sessions were a wonderful bonding time with my baby and I, and Kelly was a wealth of knowledge for every pregnancy question I had. I feel lucky to be a part of her mommies and cannot wait to start postnatal sessions….come on baby!! Thanks Kelly!!!
                                 Colleen, mother of 1

Belly Pilates has changed my whole outlook on personalPackages and Specials for Pregnancy and Postpartum Moms fitness healthy lifestyle! After the birth of my first child at the age of 27, I had a profound appreciation for what my body had been through and what it would endure in subsequent pregnancies/childbirth experiences. I met Kelly though an enthusiastic mutual friend, and from my first session, I felt transformed by her presence and methods. I started to see immediate improvement in my posture, neck alignment, lower back pain, and pelvic discomfort. My abdominal strength has returned. I have been practicing pilates 1-2x/week for the past several months and I feel and look the best I have ever been! Kelly is an amazing instructor and I am thankful to have made this important commitment to my physical and mental health.

T.B., mother of 2