Pilates and Yoga
Do you want to be in the best possible shape during your pregnancy?
Worried how you can stay healthy and keep your baby safe while exercising?Safe Pregnancy Exercise

Belly Pilates focus is to educate, you, the mother.

Educating the mother about how to prepare the body for the birthing event, allows her to learn to trust what her body can do.

After the birth, the body can struggle to get back to its previous energy level and shape.

The time surrounding motherhood is one of the most important times in a woman’s life. Within a short period of time, a woman’s body has undergone a tremendous change.

Prenatal Pilates helps a mother’s natural physical transition into each trimester. Pilates addresses the changes in her body.

Used as rehabilitation, Pilates gently encourages the new mother’s vulnerable body to find balance again by re-aligning and strengthening the spine,  PF & transverse muscles. 

Main Line Pregnancy and Mommy n Me Classes

Belly’s programs specifically target the muscles most affected by pregnancy. You will leave each session feeling energized and strong.

With optimal education and personalized support, Belly Pilates will prepare the pregnant woman for an extraordinary birthing experience and help heal her body after delivery … and beyond!    

Belly’s award winning Maternal Fitness programs work with mothers to educate them on how to prevent injury, stay strong during pregnancy, & how to restore their core strength following delivery. 

Private & Duet Pilates Sessions

Belly Pilates Private & Duet Instruction will provide women with support, education & exercise to manage & prevent common discomforts & injuries associated with the physical demands of pregnancy, labor, delivery & – let’s face it – LIFE. Motherhood can be taxing on the body and we’re here to support you!

Belly offers private & duet sessions by appointment only. We aim to create a welcoming environment, for intimate, personalized instruction.

Our private sessions provide one-to-one instruction on purpose built Pilates equipment.

Private sessions provide a much fuller body conditioning experience than is available from only mat based classes. We provide straightforward body conditioning exercises for the person who just wants to improve their general well being, as well as, specialized instruction for those with specific needs.

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your 1st session to fill out paperwork.Philadelphia Safe Pregnancy Exercise and Fitness Classes

Privates – $80 drop in per 1 hour/session  or   $375 for 5 pkg
Duet – $55 drop in per 1 hour/session  or  $240 for 5 pkg


Prenatal Mat/Ball Pilates Class

$28 per drop in class or $125 for 5 class pkg

One of the best forms of exercise for any expectant mother is Pilates.

Using the Pilates method of exercise, Belly’s Prenatal classes will keep you tone during pregnancy, your baby in proper birthing position and gently & safely prepare your body for the rigors of labor.

These same fundamental movements can be practiced within hours of birthing.


●  Strengthens the abdominal muscles  ●  Promotes spinal stabilization
●  Encourage pelvic mobility
●  Keeps your baby well aligned in the pelvis●  Strengthens the lower back
●  Aids in relieving back ache or pelvic pressure


Postpartum Mom & Me Pilates Mat Class  

$28 per drop in class or $125 for 5 class pkg 

Bring your angel with you to this nurturing class.

The sooner you start the sooner your body will respond with tone muscles.

You will learn and practice the fundamentals of efficient abdominal transverse engagement through breath & focus.

Moms will be challenged with exercises that will make them feel that they have belly muscles again.

Harder more challenging exercises are layered in to build strength and challenge the abdominals to grow strong.

The importance of “everyday” movements & the “Do’s and Do not” exercises are discussed so moms can practice at home with baby.

Feel empowered as your take charge of your body and gain awareness as you learn how to improve your overall health & fitness level! 


Prenatal/Postpartum Pilates Reformer Class

$38 per drop in session     or      $180 for 5 package 

First and Only Reformer Class in the Philadelphia Area -

Specific to the Pregnant and/or Postpartum Woman’s Body!

Belly Pilates is the first to offer this unique Reformer class exclusively designed for Fitness and Exercise for Pregnant Womenthe prenatal and postpartum woman.

These Reformer exercises are designed to strengthen the muscles most affected by pregnancy.

We will strengthen the pelvic floor & abdominals, as well as, prevent over-stressing your vulnerable joints.

This class is particularly good because the traditional Reformer exercises are modified to address the needs of the pregnant woman from first trimester through labor and do not involve flexion and laying on your back.

Although this class can be a real workout, we always include a good relaxing stretch at the end so you can leave feeling refreshed and ready to start your day!

Please bring a water bottle to stay hydrated!

Classes are limited. Registration is requested to ensure participation.


YOGA CLASSES For Pregnant and  Postpartum Moms

Prenatal Yoga helps to deepen your connection to your growing baby

YOGA for Mommies

  • Offers a great way to reconnect with your mind and body,
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase flexibility and strength
  • Improve posture.
  • This 75 minute class is perfect for beginners or those of you returning to yoga after the birth of your baby.
  • Yoga classes are small group to assure that Moms are getting the individual attention that they need and deserve.
  • Prenatal Yoga helps to deepen your connection to your growing baby
  • Price for a private session is $60 which can be shared with other participants.
  • Arrange a class by calling 516-662-3830 or emailing the instructor directly at deb@bellypilates.com

Prenatal YOGA

  • Prenatal Yoga -offers women of every fitness level a safe way to exercise that can be enjoyed throughout a healthy pregnancy.
  • We will explore simple movements and breath awareness
  •  Guided imagery to help mothers gain self-awareness and trust in their bodies.
  • Yoga classes are small group to assure that Moms are getting the individual attention that they need and deserve.
  • Class ends with a relaxation session that focuses on mother/baby bonding.
  • Sessions must be individually arranged with teacher.  They can be duet or small group.  
  • Price for a private session is $60 which can be shared with other participants.
  • Arrange a class by calling 516-662-3830 or emailing the instructor directly at deb@bellypilates.com

Prenatal Yoga on the Main Line

Yoga Instructor – Deb Brownstein

Deb began her journey into yoga when pregnant with her third child in 2009.  A deep longing for peace and a desire to get her heart feeling again was what drove her to yoga, hearing from many friends that this would help ease the pain of losing a baby in her prior pregnancy, at 21 weeks.
After “floating” out of the first class feeling blissful, she vowed to return.  Deb became a devoted prenatal yoga student, finding that during the practice her mind would begin to quiet and the sad stories would dissolve. Being able to experience the moment as it was, fresh, full of possibility and new became a powerful and transformative force leading her deeper into Yoga.
In 2011, Deb completed her  250 hour certification in Vinyasa yoga at the Ashtanga based Dhyana Yoga in West Philadelphia and completed a 200 hour certification in Alignment based yoga at Maha Yoga, Ardmore in June 2013.
Prenatal Yoga Classes on the Main Line

Prenatal Yoga Classes on the Main Line

She has been to many immersions and workshops over the years gathering knowledge of yoga but maternal connectedness remains the pervasive conduit to the practice, a constant reflection of self and mindfulness as the yoga informs and unfolds from within.
Classes with Deb open up new possibilities enabling each person to chose and chart a direction for themselves, knowing that change happens over time with careful, patient and deliberate movement with breath.
With her unique style of humor, storytelling, and attention to alignment, a class with Deb is sure to be revelatory as she inspires her students to reach into their limitless potential and harness it with awareness and deepness of breath. In this way, Deb connects the dots and delivers more than what many think a yoga class can provide.

Serving: Mainline PA, Bryn Mawr, Ardmore, Haverford, Havertown, Rosemont, Radnor, Wayne, Malvern, Villanova, St. Davids, Devon, Berwyn, Paoli, Wynnewood,  Narberth, Bala Cynwyd, Merion, Merion Station, Gladwyne, Broomall, Marple, Newtown Square, Media, Springfield, King of Prussia, Gulph Mills,  Philadelphia, Mount Airy, Manayunk, Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania