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Monthly Parenting Classes on the Mainline

Held every 2nd Saturday of each month – 2012

January 14th
February 11th
March 10th
April 14th
May 12th
June 9th

Registration required. Contact Presenter directly.
Light refreshments served. 4th Trimester babies welcome.

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All Saturday Parenting Classes are: $35 pp or $45 per couple

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Help! All I Need Is Some Sleep!!!
Sleep Solutions for 6-12 months
Presented by: Sleepy Bug

9:00-10:30 am

To register contact: Andrea Elovson/Sleepy Bug

 or email Andrea @

Offered Every other Month

Part 1/Sleep Solutions for Birth -6 months – Is your baby’s sleep (or lack thereof) leaving the entire family stressed and exhausted? Has the conflicting advice of family, friends, pediatricians and sleep books left you confused about how to best help your baby sleep? If the answer is yes, you are not alone.  Approximately 80% of new parents report sleep issues as one of the biggest challenges of new parenthood. When a baby isn’t sleeping—parents aren’t sleeping, either. The ensuing sleep deprivation can have serious effects on the your health, happiness, marriage and job performance.

Part one of this series focuses on the sleep issues facing families with babies ages birth-six months. Topics include:

  • Which sleep training techniques work for babies, birth-6 months (and which do not)
  • How babies 0-6 months REALLY sleep and what you can expect at every stage.
  • Tips on getting more sleep for you and your partner, even if your baby isn’t sleeping through the night.
  • Age appropriate bedtimes and nap schedules
  • Q and A “Cry-It-Out Method” vs. “Sleep Lady Shuffle
  • Creating an effective, individualized “sleep plan” that incorporates daycare/work/travel schedules.

Offered Every other Month

Part 2/Sleep Solutions for 6 – 12 months - Your six month-old is ready to rock! And not just rock…but roll, crawl, stand and eventually walk! And while these changes are exciting, they can wreak havoc on a baby’s sleep. And when baby isn’t sleeping— neither are the parents. This workshop will answer questions, lend support and help you devise a “sleep plan” that works with your baby and parenting style.  Topics include:

  • How your baby’s increasing cognitive and motor development effects sleep and what you can do to help them sleep better.
  • Which sleep training and scheduling techniques work for babies 6-12 months old
    (and which don’t).
  • Easing the transition from co-sleeping/bassinette to a crib
  • Maximizing parental sleep
  • The “When?” and “How?” of phasing out over-night feeds
  • Helping your baby nap better
  • Participant Q and A

Sleep Solutions Birth-6 month olds is held every other month – Jan/March/May

Sleep Solutions 6-12 month olds is held every other month – Feb/April/June

Andrea Elovson is a baby/toddler sleep coach and the founder of Sleepy-Bug LLC, a family sleep education and support service in Wyndmoor, PA. Andrea has helped hundreds of families solve their family’s sleep issues through workshops, individual phone consultations and private, home visits. Sleepy Bug LLC, has been featured in a number of publications and websites including Main Line Times magazine, the Chestnut Hill Local, the Expectant Mother’s Guide to Philadelphia and

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Infant Massage 

Presented by: Erica Desper – Confident Parenting

 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

To register contact Erica @ / 610.331.8175

Erica has a degree in Early Childhood Education and taught parent and child developmental play classes for over ten years. She now works with families throughout the Main Line area as a postpartum doula and lactation counselor. She also offers sleep counseling, fussy baby solutions, and infant massage classes privately and in groups.

Infant massage has many benefits for parents and babies, including decreasing stress hormones, promoting physical growth and brain development, enhancing the bonding process, and decreasing fussiness. Join me to learn more about these benefits as well as some beginning strokes. Non mobile babies are welcome and expecting parents will be provided with a doll for practice.

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Mindful Parenting/Mindful Children
Presented by Sarah Domis, MS

1:00 – 2:30 pm

To register contact: Sarah / Main Line Counseling Center, LLC

or email / 267.981.5974

Sarah Domis has been in practice for the past decade providing professional counseling and psychotherapy to individuals in a myriad of situations. In recent years she has also become a trained birth doula and has combined the scope of practice to help parents transition into their new roles with a sense of ease and acceptance. Sarah is a co-founder of the Main Line Counseling Center, LLC in Narberth, PA and works with Well Born Baby, LLC. She continues to be amazed at the strength of the mind-body connection and how much can be achieved by utilizing this relationship. 
Workshop Description:

  • Have you ever gotten in the car and drove to your destination and once you got there you can’t remember how you went, because you just went? 
  • Do you find yourself rehashing or reliving something that you possibly regret or are embarrassed about?
  • Do you spend your time planning for the future and putting things off for a “better time”?

Most of us live and spend a significant time in autopilot mode, or thinking about that past, or planning for the future. Mindfulness brings our focus to the NOW. Learning techniques has the ability to make parents happier and feel more satisfied with their roles as parents. In addition there is significant research indicating that when parents are mindful their children become more mindful. Mindful children are better equipped to handle our stressful world in a positive way, do better in school, and have more self confidence, increased emotion regulation, and an overall sense of happiness. Come learn how to live more in the present moment helping yourself and your children cultivate wellbeing.  

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Empowering families and caregivers through quality services & research supported information on pediatric development, health, prevention & wellness.

Newborn Wellness Class

Next Class – TBD

Don’t you wish your baby came with instructions? This prenatal Newborn Wellness Class is designed to empower expectant parents with the latest information & to learn what to expect when you are no longer expecting.  This comprehensive class includes:
•  Developmental Milestones for the first 3 months
•  Early red flags & when to talk to your doctor
•  Fun newborn activities to enrich development, promote bonding & prevent a flat head
•  Baby equipment do’s & don’ts
•  Why do babies cry? Colic, Reflux & Calming strategies
•  Tummy Trouble & Rashes
•  Breastfeeding Benefits & Feeding Suggestions
•  Swaddle Bathing, Sleep Cycles & Tips for sleep enhancement
•  SIDS prevention & Newborn safety
•  What newborns should avoid & why

Handouts & Additional Support Resources will be provided.  

Registration Requested     Cash & Check accepted
Contact:  Dr. Rachel  to register / 610.246.2410 / / Best Beginnings

Smart Mommy Yoga Baby Lessons

Next Series – TBA

Best Beginnings launches Smart Mommy Yoga Baby lessons, designed for babies 5 weeks to pre-crawling, exclusively at Belly Pilates starting September 2011. Owner, Dr. Rachel Canterino, DPT offers a wealth of unique hands-on and research supported ideas to empower mom.
Fun & Informative, this intimate small group series is designed to empower moms.  Customized for young babies 5 weeks to pre-crawling. Learn a wealth of unique hands-on enrichment ideas:
* Developmental infant yoga poses
* Infant massage
* Sign language
* Sensory exploration & calming
* Play enrichment
* Prevention

Lessons may be purchased individually or in full series packages.
$38 per class or $99 per series
 of 3 classes
Contact:  Dr. Rachel  to register / 610.246.2410 / / Best Beginnings

Serving: Mainline PA, Bryn Mawr, Ardmore, Haverford, Havertown, Rosemont, Radnor, Wayne, Malvern, Villanova, St. Davids, Devon, Berwyn, Paoli, Wynnewood,  Narberth, Bala Cynwyd, Merion, Merion Station, Gladwyne, Broomall, Marple, Newtown Square, Media, Springfield, King of Prussia, Gulph Mills,  Philadelphia, Mount Airy, Manayunk, Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania