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One of the most physically challenging times in a woman’s life is pregnancy, labor and delivery. It is essential that a woman’s body is physically prepared for this experience. The strength and function of your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles is vital in supporting a growing baby and keeping it in an optimal position for labor and delivery. These same core muscles will aid in your rebuilding strength after delivery. Fitting into your pre-pregnancy jeans may be a goal, but if you are suffering from discomfort it can hinder your recovery.

A weak inactive core can cause common pregnancy discomforts, like; low back pain, pelvic floor prolapse, upper back pain, hip pain, sciatica, pelvic floor weakness and diastasis recti. You can help avoid these discomforts if you properly prepare then maintain the strength of your body and its core muscles with safe and effective exercises.

correct spinal alignmentDuring pregnancy, as the baby grows, if you have a weak abdominal wall, the uterus can shift forward further stretching the connective tissue. This will place the baby at an angle instead of directly in line with the birth canal.

With a strong active core, you will be able to lift the baby up and in, which will rest baby in an optimal alignment for delivery.

Belly’s Prenatal Classes help you gain the strength you need to develop optimal spinal alignment through good body mechanics with core training.  We will help eliminate upper back, neck, and hip pain. We will help you stabilize the pelvis to prevent injury.


We will teach you what most prenatal fitness classes do not:

  • how to safely and effectively maintain the strength of your abdominals and pelvic floor
  • how to prevent or heal a diastasis
  • how to move effectively during labor thus reducing labor time… now who doesn’t want that???
  • how to use your abdominal to assist in the pushing stage

Belly Pilates will teach you how to recover after a vaginal birth as well as a c-section. Did you know there are movements you can do to help heal a C- section scar and expedite your recovery?

We are dedicated to helping women during their pregnancy, labor, delivery and well into their postpartum recovery!

Belly’s Postpartum Program 

diastasis imageWe Specialize in the Treatment of Diastasis…Do You Have Diastasis Recti? During Pregnancy? Postpartum? Do You Know that There are Exercises that Will Prevent Diastasis and Help Treat this Condition?

diastasis pooch

At Belly Pilates, we specialize in rebuilding the internal corset muscles of the body – the Transverse. This muscle is the deepest of the abdominals and is considered a “core” muscle. It supports our organs, improves posture, stabilizes the spine and pelvis, heals Diastasis Recti and improves intestinal function. We educate our clients how the body was designed to function and then help them correct muscle imbalances in both their everyday activities, as well as, in other fitness experiences.

Diastasis is a common condition which presents as a “Mommy Belly”. Do you still look pregnant? This protruding belly also contributes towards low back pain, a risk of hernia and overall weakness of your “core”. If this gap does not heal and “close” you will also be at risk of injury.  It is common for a diastasis to be related to digestive track issues, menstrual cycle issue, and pelvic floor problems including stress incontinence (a little pee-pee on the moon bounce, coughing, sneezing, laughing, running… hmmmm???).

Healing your diastasis and rehabilitating your core will affect your entire body. After delivery, closing the gap will help you have a flat belly, a smaller waist and alleviate common aches and pains, like those associated with back and hip problems.

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Please Note: Registration required for all classes

  • No refunds for class or packages purchased. All sales final.
  • You must call to pre-register for all sessions/classes @ Belly Pilates.
  • Credit Card charge for the class is required to reserve your spot. Refund for +48hrs cancellation.
  • 48hr cancellation or full session/class will be charged.
  • Cash, Checks and Credit Cards accepted. Credit Cards are subject to 4.0% transaction fee.
  • Arrive 10 min early to fill out paperwork. All clients must be pre-approved to exercise from their health care professional.
  • Please turn off all phones- We ask that you help us maintain a focused & peaceful environment by not bringing cell phones into a group class. We understand that this my be hard for new mommies but please understand that there are safety issues and we need to be respectful of others in class… AND after all, you deserve some quality time to concentrate on yourselves!

Pre-Crawler Infants Welcome in ALL Belly Pilates Sessions!

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All Pilates Classes


Single Class – $38

5 class package  – $180   /   10 session package – $330
*Special  - Purchase a 10 package and receive 1 Complimentary Class
(offer expires 9/28/15)


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Pilates Reformer Classes For Pregnant & Postpartum Moms

This class is class is ideal for those who want to maintain the strength they have built pre-pregnancy or those mothers who are at least 5 weeks postpartum.  This class encourages appropriate TvA strengthening and will FLATTEN the postpartum Belly. We will build strength in your arms while allowing your body to have the flexibility it needs to stay balanced and toned.

If you are pregnant or newly postpartum, you should NOT participate in regular classic Pilates reformer classes. Belly Pilates reformer classes are UNIQUE. We have the ONLY  Pilates Reformer Class in the TRI-STATE AREA SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to address the needs of the prenatal and postpartum mother.
In this class, we will:

  • Encourage correct abdominal and pelvic floor contractions to help prevent diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles). These Exercises will strengthen the muscle that helps expel baby during delivery and flattens the Belly after delivery.
  • Excludes all positions & exercises that are contraindicated for your condition.  i.e.: Flexion of the torso exercises (like the Pilates 100) is NOT recommended for prenatal & recently postpartum clients or those who have not yet strengthened their bellies & may have a diastisis.
  • Making appropriate modifications to adapt to your changing body. We will keep you SAFE, repair your body and rebuild strength!
Please call  610.608.5883 or to schedule.

Fall Class Schedule

Mondays – 10:30a, 12:00p

Tuesdays – 12:30p, 2:00, 7:00, 8:00

Wednesdays – 9:30a, 10:30, 11:30p, 2:00

Thursdays – 10:00a, 6:30p, 7:30

Saturdays – 9:00, 10:30, 11:30, 1:00

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Private Pilates Sessions

Single Session – $80
5 session package – $375    /    10 private sessions – $700

Intimate, personalized instruction.

Do You want to Correct a Diastasis Recti?
Want a Flat Belly? Find you can’t lose your Mommy Belly no matter how hard or long you’ve worked at it?

Private sessions are a great way for a pregnant or postpartum mother to help address concerns, alleviate common discomforts and gain the confidence she needs to carry her pregnancy with strength or regain power over her new postpartum body.

WHY? Because we will educate you while providing a safe and effective workout. You will leave feeling empowered with knowledge about what exercises are most appropriate for YOUR body, which exercises will strengthen you and which exercises to avoid.
Kelly McBride, owner of Belly Pilates, along with being a Certified Pilates instructor in 4 Pilates Methods, is also a CLD (Certified Labor Doula), Childbirth Educator and Postpartum Doula. She has the knowledge to keep you safe throughout your Pregnancy. She specializes in women who have Diastasis Recti, undergone IFV, who are carrying multiples who have limited movement due to bed rest or physical limitations.
  • For the Postpartum Mother – Learn why your belly hasn’t flattened – Perhaps you are not engaging the CORRECT muscles? We will teach you how to find stronger, firmer abdominal muscles. We offer body conditioning exercises to help build a leaner, toner body.
  • For the pregnant Mother – Manage & prevent common pregnancy and labor discomforts & injuriesPhiladelphia Private Pilates Sessions

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your 1st session to fill out paperwork.

Please call  610.608.5883 or to schedule.

Fitness/PILATES At-Home or Hospital Visits Rates
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At home appointments are scheduled on Fridays.
Main Line Area – $100 per session or $90 pre session for 5 session pkg.
Center City – $125 per session or $115 per session for 5  session pkg.
Please call  610.608.5883 or to schedule.

Duet Pilates Packages

Single Session – $55 per person
5 session package – $240 per person

Please call  610.608.5883 or to schedule.