How to Exercise Safely During Pregnancy

Do you want to be in the best possible shape during  and after your pregnancy?

Studies show that women who exercise during their pregnancy carry with less pain, have an easier delivery and a faster postpartum recovery period….

How can I exercise safely during and after pregnancy?

Keeping fit during pregnancy is a growing concern among expectant mothers who understand that exercise will not only ensure a slow & steady weight gain, but provides the added benefit of keeping them strong ensuring an easier labor.

BUT do you know what exercise choices are best for YOU during YOUR pregnancy?

Practicing prenatal Pilates is a great way to keep in shape . Pilates is form of exercise that you can modify as your body grows & your balance & energy decreases. These Pilates exercises can be easily modified to suit your changing body.

Would you rather trust your body to a fitness professional that is specially trained in prenatal and postpartum exercise to keep you safe?

Belly Pilates will help you develop the ideal pregnancy exercise routine for YOU. We have the training and experience you and your baby deserve. We will comprehensively address the needs in your body so that you will feel healthy, happy and energetic during your pregnancy.

Prenatal Mat/Ball Pilates Class and Rates

Classes are small and intimate so that you receive individual attention.

  • This class focuses on mobility and stability.
  • All fitness levels & trimesters are welcome.
  • Strengthens the abdominal muscles
  • Tone your pelvic floor
  • Promotes spinal stabilization
  • Encourage pelvic mobility
  • Keeps your baby well aligned in the pelvis
  • Strengthens the lower back
  • Aids in relieving back ache or pelvic pressure
  • All fitness levels & trimesters are welcome.
  • Gently & safely prepare your body for the rigors of labor
  • Single Class – $28
  • 5 class package – $125
  • 10 class package – $230
  • When: Tue – 7 pm, Sat: 9 am and 10:30 am
  • Please call  610.608.5883 or to schedule.
  • Click here for full Belly Pilates Schedule


Postpartum Mommy ‘n Me Pilates Classes and Ratesmom with baby for infant massage

  • Don’t leave your newborn at home or with a sitter.
  • Bring your angel with you to this nurturing class.
  • The sooner you start the sooner your body will respond with tone muscles.
  • Practice the fundamentals of efficient abdominal engagement through breath & focus.
  • Be challenged with exercises that will make you feel that you have belly muscles again.
  • Build strength and challenge the abdominals to grow strong.
  • The importance of “everyday” movements & the “Do’s and Do not” exercises are discussed so moms can practice at home with baby.
  • Feel empowered as your take charge of your body
  • Improve your overall health & fitness level


Purchase your Postpartum package during your pregnancy so you can  strengthen and tone your poor battered belly.

Rates for Pilates Reformer Classes For Pregnant & Postpartum Moms

  • This class is for those who are already familiar with the Reformer.
  • (If you are not familiar with this Pilates equipment, but would like to take a Reformer class, a private session is recommended.
  • If you are pregnant or postpartum, you are not able to participate in regular classic Pilates reformer classes by a teacher that is not trained in prenatal and postpartum exercise.
  • WHY? A traditional Pilates reformer class involves many positions & exercises that are contraindicated for your condition.
  • Flexion is NOT recommended for prenatal & recently postpartum clients or those who have not yet strengthened their bellies & may have a diastisis.
  • Modifications MUST be made to adapt to your changing body.



Private Pilates Sessions Rates

  • Manage & prevent common pregnancy and labor discomforts & injuriesPhiladelphia Private Pilates Sessions
  • Intimate, personalized instruction.
  • Fuller body conditioning experience than mat classes.
  • Body conditioning exercises
  • Specialized instruction for those with specific needs.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes early for your 1st session to fill out paperwork.


  • Single Session – $80
  • 5 session package – $375
  • 10 private sessions – $700
  • Please call  610.608.5883 or to schedule.

Fitness/PILATES At-Home or Hospital Visits Rates
pregnant pose

  • At home appointments are scheduled on Fridays.
  • Main Line Area – $100 per session or $90 pre session for 5 session pkg
  • Center City – $125 per session or $115 per session for 5  session pkg
  • Please call  610.608.5883 or to schedule.

Duet Pilates Packages

  • Single Session – $55 per person
  • 5 session package – $240 per person
  • Please call  610.608.5883 or to schedule.

Stroller Moves® Mom and Me Fitness Classes

  • Would you like to avoid the expense of a yearly gym membership or child care while working out?
  • Are you interested in meeting other moms in the community to create lasting friendships?
  • Are you interested in exercises to promote well-being for yourself and your baby?
  • Are you interested in losing the extra “baby” weight?
  • Would you like an exercise routine that conditions your core while laughing, singing and smiling at your baby?
  • Would you like to do a routine that combines strength training with cardio while you interact with your baby?
Did you know exercising with a stroller burns more calories? Researchers at the University of Wisconsin found exercising with a stroller burns 20% more calories than traditional exercise classes.  With reasonably priced classes and no need for child care, Stroller Moves® classes are the winning solution.
The class is a blend of cardio-training and strength training targeting all major muscles groups. The class also includes a
one-of-a-kind approach to postpartum core conditioning and rehabilitation. This Pilates-based approach is designed to heal the postpartum tummy-bulge so the abdominal musculature is lengthened and toned.
  • Stroller Moves® strives to create a warm, welcoming nurturing environment for your baby and/or child.
  • The fun and upbeat rhythm of class is entertaining for both you and your little one.
  • Instructors are educated on age-appropriate exercises and hands-on techniques to help your baby grow.
  • You will learn new songs to sing and exercises that include baby.

Schedule and Rates for Stroller Moves

  • Schedule – Starting Tuesday, April 22nd at 9:30.
  • First class will be on 4/22 to 5/20
  • We will meet at the park next to the Belly studio. You can enter via the parking lot or off of Garrett Avenue
  •  Rates:  The cost for 5 sessions is $100.
  • Please call  610.608.5883 or to schedule.
  • Click here for full Belly Pilates Schedule

Price Saving Packages For Moms

From The Beginning Prenatal Packageparents_group_site_354_w640

      • One  evaluation session
      • Ten private sessions
      • Ten  prenatal reformer classes
      • Ten  prenatal mat/ball class

Total – $1220.00       (save – $120.00)


2nd/3rd Trimester Prenatal Belly Package

Classes for pregnant and new moms on the Main Line near Philadelhia

      • One  evaluation session
      • Five  private sessions
      • Five  prenatal reformer classes
      • Five  prenatal mat/ball class

Total – $700.00        (save – $ 60.00)

Nurture Your Belly Postpartum Package

      • One At-home session
      • Ten  private sessions
      • Five  reformer classes
      • Five  mom & me mat classes

Total - $1,000.00        ( save – $100.00)

Lose Your Belly/Find Your Core Postpartum Package

Philadelphia Private Pilates Sessions

      • Two At-Home sessions
      • Ten private sessions
      • Ten  reformer classes
      • Ten  mommy & me mat classes

Total - $1300.00        (save – $ 125.00)


YOGA CLASSES For Pregnant & Postpartum Moms

Prenatal Yoga helps to deepen your connection to your growing baby

  • Offers a great way to reconnect with your mind and body,
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase flexibility and strength
  • Improve posture.
  • This 75 minute class is perfect for beginners or those of you returning to yoga after the birth of your baby.
  • Yoga classes are small group to assure that Moms are getting the individual attention that they need and deserve.
  • Prenatal Yoga helps to deepen your connection to your growing baby
  • Price for a private session is $60 which can be shared with other participants.
  • Arrange a class by calling 516-662-3830 or emailing the instructor directly at

Prenatal YOGA

  • Prenatal Yoga - offers women of every fitness level a safe way to exercise that can be enjoyed throughout a healthy pregnancy.
  • We will explore simple movements and breath awareness
  •  Guided imagery to help mothers gain self-awareness and trust in their bodies.
  • Yoga classes are small group to assure that Moms are getting the individual attention that they need and deserve.
  • Class ends with a relaxation session that focuses on mother/baby bonding.
  • Sessions must be individually arranged with teacher.  They can be duet or small group.  
  • Price for a private session is $60 which can be shared with other participants.
  • Arrange a class by calling 516-662-3830 or emailing the instructor directly at

Prenatal Yoga on the Main Line

Yoga Instructor – Deb Brownstein

Deb began her journey into yoga when pregnant with her third child in 2009.  A deep longing for peace and a desire to get her heart feeling again was what drove her to yoga, hearing from many friends that this would help ease the pain of losing a baby in her prior pregnancy, at 21 weeks.
After “floating” out of the first class feeling blissful, she vowed to return.  Deb became a devoted prenatal yoga student, finding that during the practice her mind would begin to quiet and the sad stories would dissolve. Being able to experience the moment as it was, fresh, full of possibility and new became a powerful and transformative force leading her deeper into Yoga.
In 2011, Deb completed her  250 hour certification in Vinyasa yoga at the Ashtanga based Dhyana Yoga in West Philadelphia and completed a 200 hour certification in Alignment based yoga at Maha Yoga, Ardmore in June 2013.
Prenatal Yoga Classes on the Main Line

Prenatal Yoga Classes on the Main Line

She has been to many immersions and workshops over the years gathering knowledge of yoga but maternal connectedness remains the pervasive conduit to the practice, a constant reflection of self and mindfulness as the yoga informs and unfolds from within.
Classes with Deb open up new possibilities enabling each person to chose and chart a direction for themselves, knowing that change happens over time with careful, patient and deliberate movement with breath.
With her unique style of humor, storytelling, and attention to alignment, a class with Deb is sure to be revelatory as she inspires her students to reach into their limitless potential and harness it with awareness and deepness of breath. In this way, Deb connects the dots and delivers more than what many think a yoga class can provide.




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