At Home Fitness & DR Rehab

The Belly’s System

for Private Instruction


$100 per at home visit


Our Pregnancy & Postpartum Fitness System was created by a Pre/Postnatal expert, as well as, CLD (Certified Labor Doula and CBE) so our intention is to focus on both the moms and her babies needs- body and soul by making her feel strong and confident about her new body. Every movement and exercise in the program is designed to address the dynamic needs of you, the pregnant and/or new mom because we understand the specific impact of how carrying, birthing and caring for your new angels can affect and change your body.From the novice to the avid exerciser, we want to make this program relatable and accessible to all women of any fitness level or experience. Thru our personalized approach, we will meet you “where they are”, which means that you will feel successful as an individual and assured that you are achieving your own personal goals along with having the confidence that you are doing the absolute best for your body (and unborn baby).

Private sessions are a great way for you, the pregnant or postpartum mother to help address concerns, alleviate common discomforts and gain the confidence you need to carry your pregnancy with strength or regain power over your new postpartum body. We educate you while providing a safe and effective workout. We have the knowledge to keep you safe throughout your Pregnancy and Postpartum Period. We specializes in women who have Diastasis Recti, undergone IFV, who are carrying/have carried multiples who have limited movement due to bed rest or physical limitations.

What can I expect during the first at home session with Belly?

The Belly system commences with the Belly Screen on your first at home visit. This Screen consists of 9 movements that will reveal pain and a deeper understanding of the mother’s physical capabilities. This screen will identify which areas need to be targeted first and a plan will be developed which will include handouts and a list of homework exercises.
Your first fitness session may include: movement education, instruction on myo-fascial release techniques, corrective exercises and movements commonly practiced in most Yoga, Pilates and Functional Movement modalities. Follow-up email with session notes.

What if I’d like to continue with more at home sessions? What comes next? 

The focus will be on establishing a connection with your own body, so you are able to activate and rehabilitate your own core muscles. This awareness will help you facilitate a physical connection so you can eventually make an independent choice to move forward into more advanced movements and exercises. This process will systematically, functionally and safely build strength in the areas you most need.

  • Why waste time performing exercises that don’t work for YOU? One size does not fit all. Maybe its not what you do but how you do it?
  • You will discover the HOW in each session through an intimate, personalized instruction.
  • Do You want to Correct a Diastasis Recti? Incontinence? Want a Flat Belly? Find you can’t lose your Mommy Belly no matter how hard or long you’ve worked at it?
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