Prenatal Yoga

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11:00am – 12:00pm

$25 per class pp
$100 – 5 class package

New ongoing class starts on January 28, 2015

Registration is Required.
Please contact Rachel:    215.554.4515

Designed to support expectant mothers during their miraculous journey, you will learn to use yoga to connect with your own innate wisdom, your body and your growing baby. Prenatal yoga will assist you in strengthening the uterus and pelvic muscles, improve circulation, aid in digestion, keep the spine healthy and increase overall comfort. It can also help alleviate many of the discomforts of pregnancy such as nausea, constipation, varicose veins, swelling, joint pain and sciatica. You will learn to use pranayama (breathwork) and meditative practices from yoga to reduce stress and prepare for labor/delivery. The class also provides space for you to connect with other expectant moms.

For pregnant women of any level––beginner to advanced. 

Rachel:preggie picAbout Rachel:

A career professional musician & scholar, Rachel Cama originally began practicing yoga & mediation to enrich her teaching and performing in music. She trained at the Himalayan Institute, a premier center for yoga and holistic living where she also completed a one-year residency as writer on the editorial staff of Yoga International, the Institute’s award-winning magazine. Believing that we all have the ability to heal ourselves, Rachel is particularly interested in yoga as a therapeutic modality.  She enjoys teaching yoga to a variety of populations including those with mental health challenges, teenagers and seniors. She also specializes in teaching prenatal/postpartum women and supporting their growing families through yogic principles. Rachel is a certified Yoga Therapist. Her career teaching yoga, Ayurveda & Reiki has only been enhanced by the birth of her son, born in April 2014.


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9:00am – 10:15am

$25 per class pp
$100 – 5 class pkg

Registration is Required.  Please contact Deb:   516-662-3830

  • Prenatal Yoga - offers women of every fitness level a safe way to exercise that can be enjoyed throughout a healthy pregnancy.
  • We will explore simple movements and breath awareness
  • Guided imagery to help mothers gain self-awareness and trust in their bodies.
  • Yoga classes are small group to assure that Moms are getting the individual attention that they need and deserve.
  • Class ends with a relaxation session that focuses on mother/baby bonding.

About Deb:

Deb began her journey into yoga when pregnant with her third child in 2009.  A deep longing for peace and a desire to get her heart feeling again was what drove her to yoga, hearing from many friends that this would help ease the pain of losing a baby in her prior pregnancy, at 21 weeks.

After “floating” out of the first class feeling blissful, she vowed to return.  Deb became a devoted prenatal yoga student, finding that during the practice her mind would begin to quiet and the sad stories would dissolve. Being able to experience the moment as it was, fresh, full of possibility and new became a powerful and transformative force leading her deeper into Yoga.

Deb completed her 250 hour certification in Vinyasa yoga at the Ashtanga based Dhyana Yoga in West Philadelphia and completed a 200 hour certification in Alignment based yoga at Maha Yoga, Ardmore.

She has been to many immersions and workshops over the years gathering knowledge of yoga but maternal connectedness remains the pervasive conduit to the practice, a constant reflection of self and mindfulness as the yoga informs and unfolds from within.

Classes with Deb open up new possibilities enabling each person to chose and chart a direction for themselves, knowing that change happens over time with careful, patient and deliberate movement with breath.

With her unique style of humor, storytelling, and attention to alignment, a class with Deb is sure to be revelatory as she inspires her students to reach into their limitless potential and harness it with awareness and deepness of breath. In this way, Deb connects the dots and delivers more than what many think a yoga class can provide.

Registration required for all classes

  • You must call to pre-register for all sessions/classes @ Belly Pilates.
  • Credit Card charge for the class is required to reserve your spot. Refund for +48hrs cancellation.
  • 48hr cancellation or full session/class will be charged.
  • Cash, Checks and Credit Cards accepted. Credit Cards are subject to 4.0% transaction fee.
  • Arrive 10 min early to fill out paperwork. All clients must be pre-approved to exercise from their health care provider.
  • 2 person in each class to move forward. Class schedule subject to change.
  • No refunds for packages purchased.