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September 8th-12th…

Pilates Reformer Classes For Pregnant & Postpartum Moms

pregnancy ref class w wedge

This class is class is ideal for those who want to maintain the strength they have built pre-pregnancy or those mothers who are at least 5 weeks postpartum.  This class encourages appropriate TvA strengthening during pregnancy and will FLATTEN the postpartum Belly. We will build strength in your arms while allowing your body to have the flexibility it needs to stay balanced and toned.

 Belly Pilates reformer classes are UNIQUE. We have the ONLY  Pilates Reformer Class in the TRI-STATE AREA SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to address the needs of the prenatal and postpartum mother.

Please email to schedule.


post ref class scooter w baby

Tuesday, September 8th – 11:00a (full), 12:00, 1:45, 7:00 (full) & 8:00

Wednesday, September 9th – 9:30a (full), 10:30 (full), 11:30 (full)

Thursday, September 10th – 10:00a (full), 11:00, 12:00, 6:30, 7:30

Saturday, September 12th – 9:00a (full), 10:30, 11:30 (full)

(2 mom minimum per class, registration with CC required)

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Take one class or many… each class is $25

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Complimentary Yoga Classes

Pregnancy & Postpartum & Mom ‘n Me Yoga 

Designed to support expectant and new mothers during their miraculous journey. You will learn to use yoga to connect with your growing baby and new body.

Prenatal Yoga – Wednesday at 11:00am & Saturday at 9:00am

Mom ‘n Me Yoga – Wednesday at 10:00am

Postpartum REBUILD YOUR CORE Yoga – Wednesday at 12:15pm

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Take one Yoga class or all… each class is $15 drop in.

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All registration goes through the instructor teaching the class.

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Please Note: Registration required for all classes (Complimentary or otherwise)

  • Due to limited spaces, you must call to pre-register for all sessions/classes @ Belly Pilates.
  • Credit Card charge for the class is required to reserve your spot. A full refund to you on the day of service.
  • 48hr cancellation required or the class will be charged.
  • If you choose to purchase a package, we accept cash, Checks and Credit Cards.
  • Arrive 15 min early to fill out paperwork.
  • All high risk clients must be pre-approved to exercise from their health care professional.
  • Pre-Crawler Infants Welcome in ALL Belly Pilates Sessions!


Diastasis Recti Workshop

September 14th

In this workshop, we will discuss how you can: 

  • Prevent & assess a diastasis in the pregnant & postpartum woman
  • Discover what you should & should NOT do to prevent & heal a diastasis
  • Perform healing exercises within hours of birth
  • Learn how you can activate & engage your deep abdominal muscles in any stage postpartum

 This workshop will benefit anyone who:

  • Is Pregnant or a woman who has struggled with a “Mommy Belly”
  • Is a maternal healthcare or fitness professional

This Workshop is FREE but You MUST Register.

Please email to register.