Continuing Ed.

Do You Work with Pregnant and/or New Moms?

Important Information Every Birth, Fitness and Healthcare Professional Should Know!

Thursday, September 17th @ 6:30-8:30 pm


Understanding your Clients Diastasis Recti - 6:30 pm

Have your clients asked why their pregnant belly comes to a point? Have they ever expressed how they feel weak or that their bellies just won’t flatten? Do you have the answers? Do you know who you can refer them to to get some answers?

DR is common and a natural response of a woman’s body when pregnant. Over a third of women will have a gap in their abdominals after their first baby & two thirds of women after their second or subsequent pregnancies.

As a professional, do you know how you can assess this common condition? 

In this 1 hour workshop, we will discuss how you can: 

  • Understand what a Diastasis is
  • Assess a clients diastasis during pregnancy & postpartum
  • Suggest movements and exercises that will help them heal
  • Know when to refer a client to a fitness professional or PT


Help Your Clients Heal their C-Section Scars – 7:30 pm

Birth via C Section is the most frequently performed surgery in the US. In fact, 1 in every 3 women on the Main Line will give birth via C-Section. That means there are a whole lot of scars out there.

Most woman in the US, who undergo a cesarean section will have a horizontal incision on her belly. Like other operative scars, C section scars take sufficient time to heal. A doctor’s advice will likely be not to lift anything heavy and not to do vigorous exercise until the wound has completely healed. However, a mom still needs to take care of baby (or other little ones) and move around her home on a daily basis. Appropriate functional movements are needed to help her heal properly and prevent muscle adhesion and limitations. It is vital that a mom takes sufficient time to heal her incision and nurtures her body properly before she resumes or starts her exercise routine.  In this 1 hour workshop we will discuss:

  • How a C-Section scar heals
  • What functional movements and stretches help heal the scar
  • What movements need to be avoided

Kelly McBride, owner of Belly Pilates, presents this workshop. Kelly is a Master Instructor of Pre/Postnatal Pilates, Postpartum Doula CLD & Childbirth Educator. Belly Pilates is the only Pilates Studio in the Tri state area that exclusively offers fitness & educational support to pregnant & new mothers.

This is a FREE Workshop @ Belly Pilates but Registration is Required