Prenatal and Postpartum Acupuncture


Once pregnant, there are a number of symptoms that come along with carrying a child. A few of the more uncomfortable ones are:

• Nausea and/or Vomiting

• Indigestion

• Constipation

• Back pain

• Leg pain

• Hemorrhoidsbaby in womb

• Insomnia

• Anxiety/Depression

• Sinusitis

• Itching

• Hypertension

• Edema

• Spotting

Acupuncture has been very successful in helping to reduce or even eliminate these symptoms. Regular acupuncture treatment can help create a more comfortable and harmonious pregnancy.

Breech babies

Acupuncture is known to be very successful in turning breech babies. Please know that this is most successful if the treatment begins at week 34. The later the treatment is initiated, the less successful the treatment, especially if done after week 38. This is due to the baby getting larger and having less room for the baby to turn.

Preparing for BirthPrenatal and Postpartum Acupuncture

When a woman reaches 36-37 weeks, pre-birth acupuncture is begun. This treatment is done weekly to help the woman prepare for birth. Research has showed the first time labor was reduced from 8 hours to 6.5 in a clinically controlled study. It has also been reported that women who receive acupuncture before birth are less likely to need medical intervention


There are many reasons in the western medical world to schedule an induction. For women who are at or past their due date and would like to go into labor on their own, there are acupuncture protocols that can help achieve this. Typically the woman is seen every day for 3 days prior to the medically scheduled induction.

Post Partum

It is a wonderful feeling to finally meet your new baby, but the post partum period is not always comfortable. After birth, your body goes through big changes in a short time. During the birth, you lost blood and fluids. After birth, you will continue to lose these fluids as your body starts to contract back towards a non-pregnant shape.

In addition, your breasts will begin their milk production. You will lose sleep and likely feel hypersensitive to emotions and those around you. This is all normal, and acupuncture can help ease this transition. It has been shown to help the following conditions:

• Persistent uttering bleedingpostpartum depression

• Afterpains

• Nightsweats

• Perineal discomfort

• Breast feeding problems

• Insufficient lactation

• Mastitis

• Post partum depression

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Carrie Rorer M.Ac, Dipl.Ac, CPB, CMT has been working and teaching in the health and wellness field since 2002.  Carrie holds her master’s degree in Acupuncture, is a yoga instructor, a certified massage therapist, and a certified BodyTalk practitioner.

Carrie’s interest in the healing field began in high school when she noticed that her performance and health greatly improved with a regular stretching and bodywork routines.  Since then, she has been on a continuous quest to find the best ways to bring health and healing to her clients, friends and community.

Carrie has traveled across the globe studying alternative health and energy medicine.  Her additional studies include Reiki, the Oneness Blessing (deeksha), EFT, IET and Acutonics.

As a result of her passion, Carrie founded and ran a wellness center and boutique in MA before moving back to PA to study Acupuncture at the WON institute in Glenside PA.

Happy to be back in her home state, Carrie uses her skills to bring her client’s bodies, minds and spirits into balance so that they may discover greater health, less stress and an increased passion for life.
acupuncture pregnancy

Carrie is excited to be partnering with Belly Pilates as her passion is to work with women’s health, children’s health and fertility..

Cost of services

$85.00 Initial visit 90 minutes

$70.00 Follow up visits.

 To book an appointment call 413-212-2397 or email 

Appointments available Wed’s 2pm-7pm